Why Franchisee

ICEI works in various types of services in the market like: Computer Education, Website Development, Software Development,
Bulk SMS, Online Marketing, Conduct Online Exam etc.

Computer Education

We provice all types of computer education.

Website Development

We work to develop website of any organization.

Software Development

We works to develop software of any organization.

Bulk SMS

We sell bulk SMS pack to send bulk sms to all contacts.

Online Marketing

We work to grow your business through online marketing.

Conduct Online Exam

We conduct online examination of any organization with low fee.


What our client says

Our client says about ICEI (Internation Computer Engineering Institute) is world class Organization to improve
our business with low cost and grow very fast in the market.

It's great for upgrade our business and grow fast in the market with the policy of ICEI. I'm very thankful to ICEI.

Vivek Rai / Director of AIC

When we join ICEI then we growth my business very fast and I specially give thanks to ICEI Team.

Rajat Singh / Director of AICEI-IT

I'm very happy to join the ICEI because I grow my business very fast like J curve I'm very happy and specially thanks to ICEI team.

Arjun Agrawal / Director of MCIT